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Robin Atkinson has been involved in the development of structural engineering design software since the early 80s. He has extensive experience in the design of water retaining structures, basements and transfer slabs using Grillage and Finite Element techniques.

Reinforcement Verification Spreadsheet

The design of large water retaining structures requires a lot of criteria to be considered such as: exposure, crack control due to thermal or applied forces and ultimate design. The calculation of crack widths due to bending and tension is particularly challenging.

Robin developed an Excel spreadsheet in 2000 to assist in the design to the then current codes of practice and guidelines such as CIRIA Report 91, BS8007 and BS8110. This spreadsheet has been used successfully on many projects.

The spreadsheet has been comprehensively updated to include design to EC2 and CIRIA C660 as well as complying with all of the associated codes and national annexes. It still includes design to BS standards and is an ideal program to ease engineers into the use of EC2 and CIRIA C660.

This spreadsheet is an invaluable tool for checking the automatically generated reinforcement output from sophisticated programs.

HAC are pleased to make this available to other engineers at a modest cost.

Installation Method

The program is now available in an Excel format. The prevailing price and other details including a link to the latest version can be accessed via the download button below.


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