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This is how we look after our staff.

Safety is of primary importance to us and our staff. We never ask or encourage any member of staff to do anything that we or they consider to be unsafe or for which they are untrained. We positively encourage staff to speak up if they have any concerns regarding any health and safety issue. In our role as designers we provide training to our staff so that they are able to design, maintain and ultimately demolish structures safely. We are fully aware of our responsibilities as employers and in particular our duties as designers in relation to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.

We encourage staff to develop to their maximum potential and to obtain appropriate qualifications. These may range from day release to attend B Tech (OND, HND) courses at a local college to study for Membership part III examinations for Chartered Engineer status or even Fellow membership.

The HAC type of staff member will be self motivated and focused who we will support through their personal and professional development.

Staff from Overseas
We have a tradition of employing staff from overseas and are well versed with the necessary visa and work permit requirements. We recognise that some will want to live in the UK for a short to medium term to gain life experiences and personal development while others wish to settle permanently; both are equally welcome at HAC. In the recent past we have employed individuals from South Africa, Senegal, The Philippines and Colombia. We recognise that when employees first arrive in the UK it can be very daunting and do as much as we can to help in the process.

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Staff Events

Whilst we respect employees’ privacy everyone is encouraged to make suggestions for trips out.

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