Water retaining structures are usually expensive so the last thing needed is a leak or major problem. HAC engineers have much experience working on water retaining structures so have a proven track record of providing reliable work. Similarly, we also have much experience with concrete tanks. For more information on either water retaining structures of concrete tanks, please get in contact.

water treatment - water retaining structures and concrete tanks

At HAC we have extensive experience both in the UK and Middle East (Egypt and Libya). HAC have been at the forefront of developing efficient methods of designing water retaining structures.

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PDF Downloads

Coppermills Tank Complex [PDF Download]

Denge Base Slab [PDF Download]

Denge Steel Plan [PDF Download]

Mill End Steel [PDF Download]

North Mymms [PDF Download]

Pipe Bridge [PDF Download]

Sandhurst Humus Tank [PDF Download]


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